When you connect with a photographer, the result is usually images that stir something inside you.  I often walk away from sessions feeling like I have just met a new friend. I want you to feel that way too!


  • I am obessed with dark chocolate and eat it almost everyday.
  • I'm obsessed with farmhouse decor thanks to Joanna Gaines...she creates my dream house on every episode of Fixer Upper.  
  • I sometimes spend way too much time on Facebook. (trying to overcome that one!)
  • I am a somewhat stressed, homeschooling momma but hey aren't we all a little stressed?  
  • I sing loud with the radio, usually to country songs. 


I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 15 years (crazy right?!?). He retired from the military a few years ago and we have been enjoying that change. We are blessed with 3 amazing little ones. Jr is a rambunctious two year old. He is full of giggles and curiosity. Myla is 7 years old and is so kind hearted.  Ava would be 10 years old. She is in heaven. When Ava was 4 she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. After an almost year long battle, she passed away. She inspired The Gold Hope Project, a non profit that provides children with pediatric cancer free portrait sessions. I am so proud to see her name live on through such a worthy cause and benefit so many other families. You can read more about The Gold Hope Project here.


My love of lifestyle and storytelling photography grew when Ava was sick. I wanted to captured her every moment. Looking at those photographs now helps our family in so many ways. We look at them and laugh and sometimes cry. Without those photos the pain of losing her would hurt even more. really understand why photographs are important.  I have been given a gift to share with you that allows me to capture those moments you you want to hold on to forever; like the embrace from your child or what it feels like to look deep into their eyes.  Let me give you that memorable gift that photographs represent.

I would LOVE to be YOUR photographer! Contact me today to book a session.

*Images from Maria Manco*