Family & Storytelling


When you think about your childhood memories, what are the moments that stand out? The late night movies with your parents on the couch or standing on your tippy toes so you could watch your mom make her famous pot roast or digging in the dirt as your dad was busy with yard work on a Saturday afternoon? Our fondest memories are usually the everyday moments. The moments that seem to be of endless supply but we as parents know, slip away way too fast.

Your everyday moments are storied, sentimental and beautiful.

Your children will tenderly remember so much about your home and the special moments spent inside with you. They will remember how cozy it felt bundled up on the couch during the cold months of winter and the smell of your cookies in the oven. In home family photography allows for those treasured memories to always be remembered.

Having someone in your home to take photos can give you butterflies in your stomach. Maybe you think your house is too plain or maybe it is too cluttered with toys and that may be true but it is also the place that your children will think back of as they get older. This is where so many of their memories will be written so of course it make since to have document your family with an in home photo session.

Family photography is a little piece of an ever changing history. Let’s get started on documenting your family’s history!


To see a full family session centered around a Sunday morning, CLICK HERE.  Your session can be customized to document a fun family outing or a relaxed time at home.

The images above are great examples of how I document families and children. If you enjoy the storytelling nature to these images, then let’s talk today about when to schedule your family session!

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