Personal Favorites

In the spring of 2007, I picked up a camera for the first time as a new mom.

I was determined to capture every detail of my newborn baby. The cuddles, smiles, and joy that she brought our family needed to be on film. That was when I fell in love with cameras, photography, and the way taking pictures of my family made me feel. She wouldn’t be young forever, but thanks to that camera, we could always remember.

That time led me to learn more about photography and because my children were very patient practice models (ha!), I excelled in documenting the special moments for my family. Soon after I began my photography journey, our family would learn of another journey we were facing…a cancer journey.

Ava, my oldest daughter, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. After an almost year long battle, she passed away. My love of storytelling photography grew when Ava was sick. I wanted to capture her every moment and looking at those photographs now helps our family in so many ways. We look at them and laugh and sometimes cry. Without those photos the pain of losing her would hurt even more. I really understand why photographs are important.

Because my kiddos are my why I’m obsessed with documenting everyday moments, they are often the focus of my lens. My photography style allows for them to be themselves in front of my camera. Through a few different photography projects, I strive to capture the nostalgia of their childhood with my photographs.

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